10 Random Facts about Reid Oliver and 10 Random Facts about Luke Snyder

10 Random Facts about Reid Oliver

1. Reid is glad that Noah is a successful director so Luke doesn't have to the bear the burden of "ruining Noah's life."

2. Reid turned down the Chief of Staff job. But Bob's belief that he could do it made Reid believe he could build better personal relationships.

3. Reid goes to Al's once a week for lunch and verbal sparring with Hank.

4. Reid joins a local softball team that competes against Luke's team. The competition is a turn-on for them both.

5. Reid had to stand by and watch while another doctor drilled into Luke's skull to relieve the pressure on Luke's brain after he was kicked by a horse.

6. Reid always ensures that he has enough forward momentum to glide across train tracks.

7. On the first of each month, Reid discards his toothbrush and opens a new one.

8. Reid doesn't tip bad food servers because those people don't treat the serving of food with the respect it deserves. *

9. When Reid is sick and confined to home, he re-watches the Oliver Fish/Kyle Lewis storyline on "One Life to Live".

10. Reid took the white knight from the Snyder chess set on the day that Noah regained his sight. Every time he looks at it, it invokes the memory of the first time that Luke kissed him.

* This was inspired by lemondrop34's "He is a very, very generous tipper. He feels that people who bring him food should be rewarded."

10 Random Facts about Luke Snyder

1. Noah denies it, but Luke knows that Noah believes he could have lived a straight life if Luke hadn't forced him to come out.

2. Luke cried each time his siblings asked Reid to be a godparent to their children.

3. Luke mentors the gay-straight alliance at Oakdale High School.

4. Luke contacts Reid's Uncle Angus and helps mend Reid and Angus' relationship enough that Angus joins them each Thanksgiving.

5. Luke is really good at convincing (aka guilting) CEOs to donate their bonuses to his foundation.

6. Emma wills the farm to Luke, confident that Luke will keep it as a welcoming a place as she did.

7. Luke likes writing the weekly personal interest segments for WOAK.

8. Luke doesn't talk to Lily for 3 months after Lucinda's funeral. Luke is still angry that Lily made everyone attend to her grief, overshadowing the tribute and love that should have been focused on Lucinda.

9. After Reid caught Chris cheating on Katie, and told Luke, Luke blackmailed Chris into leaving town. Luke now knows how it feels to blackmail someone when you actually have dirt on them.

10. Luke still has the soap from the Dallas hotel room. The smell invokes the memory of the first time Reid kissed him.